This domain is for sale.



You have the opportunity to buy this domain for your own use. I got it in a fit of anger after someone hacked into my bank account with the intent of making a news feed and information page on taking these people not only out of business but off the planet.

I don't believe I was ever as angry as I was when that happened. I have other interests. Maybe you can use the Domain for good in my stead.

The URL immediately pulled between 500 and 700 hits per month with just a rant posted on it about how I would torture this SOB if I could get my hands on him with no marketing other than a couple of Facebook posts. That is not a lot, but like I said I didn't market it.

The cost of this purchase will be $599. Purchase will only be accepted through the PayPal button at the end of this ad.

Purchase will include transferring the Domain to your Directnic account. I only use Directnic so if you use another registrar, you will be have to accept whatever costs they decide to charge you. For a limited time, I will even provide a 3 month Pro Hosting plan with Directnic so you can start building the site and your business as soon as Directnic completes the transfer, which usually takes less than 3 days.

Any questions, just shoot an email to JR and I'll get back to you.

To purchase this domain you can pay right now through PayPal and be sure to fill in your address and add your email address and phone number. Sales only to US and Canada buyers.


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